Sleep Album

by Wheelock Square

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My first album. Stuff that I have been playing around with for the past 2 years.


released January 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Wheelock Square Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Empty Street Intro
Sinners, gather here, I have a deal, for you to hear, cause I'm sleep walking.

manners, and how to kill, or how to live, cause I forgive with one eye open.

I'm sleep walking.
Track Name: Ghost
this one's to our new friends,
this one's for the old,
this ones for our warm beds,
this one's to the cold,
this one's for world order,
drowned in the sea,
this one's to the living,
but this one's for me.
Track Name: Hands, Fright, Colors
Hands, Fright, Colors
Track Name: Burning Deserts (Fennec)
Waiting, hoping,
for something to give in,
oceans, meet the sands,
of burning deserts.
you're not alone,
you're not alone.
you said it was over,
I wish it was over.
Cold and, Innocent,
still no one lets us in,
let them. take your hand
to secret merchants.
they're not alone,
they're not alone.
I'll say when it's over,
you'll wish it was over.
Track Name: Cold Metal Feel
red and green,
the winter nights are so serene,
take a look you'll know what I mean,
cold metal feel.

I know I know,
There's no wrong here,
but where did it go?

nuclear snow,
is falling everywhere we go,
where'd it come from? I don't know,
cold metal feel.

I know I know,
there's no wrong here,
I found my shadow,
I found my shadow.
Track Name: 74 (Own Lies)
One day I will make my own,
own lies,
own lies.
Your considerate so when you die,
don't haunt,
your family.
When the time comes for us to fry,
don't try,
don't try.
I had friends but they all got old,
but I'm young,
I'm young.
There's no pathway that they would run,
no fun,
no fun,
And it's all not over,
All not over.
Live the coast ways is a dream of mine,
good times,
good times.
I'm broke but I could take my time,
free rides,
to another place.
when the time comes for me to fry,
One day I will make my own,
own lies,
own lies.